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15 Nov, 2019 16:41

South Park mocks transgender athletes and PC babies throw a tantrum confirming LEFT can’t satire

South Park mocks transgender athletes and PC babies throw a tantrum confirming LEFT can’t satire

In a not-at-all-surprising situation given that this happens far too often, South Park is facing criticism from woke folk who are taking umbrage that a show, known for offending people, is offending people.

The seventh episode of its 23rd season got off to an uproarious start by immediately making fun of politically correct outrage whiners with the aptly named ‘PC Babies,’ before setting its sights on the current debate surrounding biological men competing in women’s sports. 

A quick episode summary is that the mother of the aforementioned PC babies is training to take part in a Strong Women event, and she is primed to win. However, when she shows up to compete a trans athlete steals the spotlight and destroys the competition. Hilariously, the character is based on deceased wrestler Randy Savage. A perfect encapsulation of the internet meme, Macho Ma’am Tranny Savage. 

The rest of the episode covers how a politically correct family deals with what is obviously an unfair competition. Into which there is peppered some amazing social commentary and critique. I don’t want to spoil too much as without any hyperbole I think this is the most well written and outright funny episode the stagnating series has aired in years, so I recommend checking it out for yourself. 

Although, not wanting you to check it out are true-to-life PC Babies; far left media and social media is alight with angry souls lamenting the show’s depiction of transgender athletes. Trans cyclist Rachel McKinnon – the person who recently won her second-straight world masters title – took to twitter to vent annoyance. But, given she’s sitting cozy with new trophies, it’s expected she would be on the defensive. She is quite literally benefiting from being able to destroy women’s competition. Something which isn’t stopping the media from promoting her tweets as examples of criticism levied at the show’s ‘transphobia.’ 

Taking it even further is Out Magazine who not only tries to give a breakdown of the episode and its factual flaws, but which goes full-on with fear mongering and argues how the episode could get trans people murdered. It even cites the often misrepresented trans murder rate as proof.

Pink News writes the episode “sinks to new lows” in an article that touts previous examples of South Park’s ‘transphobia.’ Which only proves what most of us on the right have known for awhile now, the left can’t take jokes. Nor, can they understand them. 

Quite a few ago the series waded through the muck of salty rage after it debuted the episode ‘The Cissy.’ In that one, Cartmen wants his own bathroom, so he begins identifying as ‘transginger’ as a means of forcing the school into building him an exclusive place to poo. A side plot involves Randy Marsh crossdressing and taking on the persona of popular singer, Lorde. Because that coincided with bathroom one, and given it aired during the heat of the bathroom debate in the United States, Tumblr and Twitter became completely enraged. 

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Accusations of transphobia were everywhere, but what they missed is a vital conversation between Randy and his wife. A running joke is that no one knows he is Lorde, but Sharon figures it out. Her husband is depressed and scared to keep doing something that brings him joy, so she tells him: “If I could talk to Lorde right now, you know what I’d tell her? …I’d tell her to keep on doing what she does, because when someone’s not allowed to express who they are inside, then we all lose.” 

That right there is the core message. Matt and Trey are not transphobic, they support people living as their authentic selves. They just also realize there’s certain things worthy of mockery, and that current trans activists take things too far. As a trans girl myself, I agree with them. 

In this week’s episode there’s a scene where PC Principal - father of the PC babies - says “Look everyone, I know we’re all a little afraid to have any opinions on this stuff” and that is a spot on analysis of what we are seeing now. 

Trans athletes like Rachel Mckkinnon are destroying cycling records. Mary Gregory broke four women’s powerlifting records in a single day. Two transgender students won top prize at a girl’s state championship track event. And there’s many more similar stories. But one cannot question or criticize this new phenomena as the media and far left reactionaries pile on with hate and accusations of bigotry. 

Their mindset is muddying the water of a topic that needs debate. LGBT activists can argue that trans athletes don’t have an edge, but they do. I myself am biologically male. Hormones may have refined my features, softened my skin, and given me boobs. Some muscle mass may have even been redistributed or lessened, but much of it remains the same, as does my unchanging skeletal structure. If I was to train and then compete in sports, I would have an edge. 

Men and women are not the same. Expressing it as such or making fun of the absurdity that is trans athletes decimating sport is not transphobic, and anyone who thinks otherwise is missing the point and detached from reality. They are people who shouldn’t be taken seriously, or as South Park once again perfectly encapsulates: “You can’t just shut down because you’re afraid of how the babies will react… You know how they are, they’re babies, their minds are made up before anyone says anything.”

So Matt and Trey, please keep doing what you’re doing, because we need intelligent satire and critique in this ever absurd world of clowns.

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