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5 Jun, 2018 16:20

Soros perpetuates myth of Russian bogeyman, blames Putin for Italian anti-immigrant party

Soros perpetuates myth of Russian bogeyman, blames Putin for Italian anti-immigrant party

Apparently convinced that the Italian people support the flow of illegal aliens into their country, billionaire financier and philanthropist George Soros imagines a Russian hand behind the rise of Italy’s Euroskeptic party.

For globalists like George Soros, who has spent a sizeable chunk of his personal fortune lobbying EU leaders for the unimpeded flow of migrants into their respective states, the last few days have been an unmitigated nightmare.

Two Italian anti-establishment parties, the hard-right League and the Five Star movement, forged a coalition government that puts a gang of Euroskeptics into power in the EU’s fourth-largest economy. It is the first populist government in Western Europe.

Today, when Europeans speak of their ‘Euroskepticism,’ the criticism is invariably linked to the eurozone’s double-edged sword: on the one side of the blade is the single currency, which has not lifted all boats in Italy, not by a long shot. On the other side is a massive influx of illegal immigrants pouring into the continent, the majority of which are fleeing from NATO-backed wars in the Middle East.

Italy, smack on the front line of the “migrant invasion” from North Africa, has been forced to accept some 750,000 migrants. Combined with a sputtering economy, many Italians are now enraged with their “legacy parties” and even more so with blissfully detached Brussels. 

To shed some light on the national mood, Italy's new Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini told a group of cheering locals that the island of Sicily will no longer serve as "Europe's refugee camp."

So, who does George Soros blame for this undercurrent of anger and resentment now ripping through the world of Italian politics? Russia, of course.

Making an appearance at the Trento Economic Festival, Soros said, without a shred of evidence to support his claims, he was "very worried about Russia's influence on Europe in general and on the new Italian government.”

"I do not know if Salvini was funded by Moscow, but public opinion would have the right to know," he said.

He also expressed his “concern” over the new government’s call for ending EU sanctions on Russia.

Such comments must be deeply disconcerting, if not insulting for many intelligent, free-thinking Italians. Aside from the obvious interference in the affairs of a foreign state, something Soros’ native Hungary understands very well, Soros is basically saying that the Italian voter lacks the mental capacity for coming to the conclusion that Italy’s immigration policy is deeply flawed, as even Soros himself has admitted.

Thus, the only reasonable explanation for the dramatic change in Italy's political climate, the argument goes, is “Russian meddling.” Soros’ condemnation of Russia, aside from being unfounded and slanderous, is dripping with hypocrisy considering the huge sums of money he has put into lobbying EU politicians to accept his plans for a border-less world.

Salvini, meanwhile, saying he felt “ashamed” that Soros was invited to speak at the economic festival, defended himself against the accusations, declaring he has “never received any lira, euro or ruble from Russia.” He then went on to defend Vladimir Putin, calling him “one of the best statesmen in the world.”

The League's economics policy chief, Claudio Borghi, also hit back, tweeting: "Soros worried by the Italian government? Then it means that we are going in the right direction... The wind has changed for [Soros] and for all those who have profited from the deaths of hundreds of people."

Soros, at a sprightly 87-years old, did not waste the opportunity while in Italy to express his indignation towards Donald Trump, the US leader who was also smuggled into power, according to the Democrats and various Russophobes, by the Kremlin.

Once again, the underlying message here is that the Americans, like the Italians, are simply incapable of formulating any sort of an intelligent opinion for themselves. After 12 years of war and stagnant economic growth under former presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, the US electorate should have been simply ecstatic over the possibility of Hillary Clinton, yet another pro-war establishment figure, getting into the White House. And if things somehow turned out otherwise - indeed, as they most certainly did - well, it must have been due to the Russians. According to this delightful bit of absurdity, Russian trolls managed to swing the multi-billion dollar US presidential election in their favor due to a few hundred tweets and Facebook advertisements. And yes, there are people who actually buy that story.

By refusing to admit that failure is an integral part of the democratic process, individuals like George Soros and Hillary Clinton will simply lie, cheat and hoodwink the system – media, judicial and political – until they get their way. And that is precisely what is now happening in the United States.

Despite ‘Russiagate’ disintegrating into an embarrassing 'he said, she-said' National Enquirer expose, complete with an adult-film star, Trump continues to be embroiled in an investigation that has entered its second year. The crazy can be expected to continue at least until congressional midterms in November. If the Democrats are able to clinch victory, the world will most likely be treated to many months, maybe years, of impeachment proceedings against the most controversial political figure to grace the halls of Washington in a long time. Say what you will about Trump, but the fact that the establishment will go to such incredible lengths to discredit him means they genuinely fear him. Why is a completely different question.

There is an upside to all of this madness, at least as far as Russia is concerned. By continually and predictably resorting to the ‘Russia card’ whenever things don’t go their way, which has been rather frequently of late, people like Soros and Clinton, the so-called ‘globalists,’ only serve to cheapen and invalidate their transparent agenda. 

Ironically, Soros borrowed exactly the same argument against Russia that the Clinton campaign used: ‘The Kremlin is trying to weaken the EU.’ What impeccable logic! The fact is that, if Putin or anyone else was really interested in weakening the EU or the US (if such a thing were even possible), they would not trouble themselves by putting populist politicians in power, who would work to reverse the rot of unregulated immigration, and other such irritants. In fact, they would just let Soros and his merry band of mischief makers continue doing exactly what they have been doing all along: destroy the EU from within with a disastrous agenda.

In closing, it bears mentioning that President Putin just signed a law mandating the implementation of counter-sanctions against any state or person involved in “hostile actions” against Russia. Whether that legislation works to tame the anti-Russia hysteria now inflaming the planet with fake news remains to be seen.


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