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‘People like Maxine Waters put Democratic Party at risk by proposing loony conspiracies’

‘People like Maxine Waters put Democratic Party at risk by proposing loony conspiracies’
The Democratic Party should not give any more publicity to Congresswoman Maxine Waters because she is discrediting the Party among thinking Americans and people around the world, says Charles Ortel, geo-politics writer.

US Representative Maxine Waters has accused President Trump on of being “in bed” with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

At a rally on Saturday in Washington, DC, Waters said she considered Syria to be “phony tension between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, all being hyped up by the White House, still trying to distract us.” 

The Democrat from Los Angeles added: “They [The Russians] see Trump as helping them to lift the sanctions so they can drill in the Arctic for the oil that Tillerson negotiated on behalf of Exxon with Putin.”

This wasn’t the first time Waters made a controversial statement. Previously she has argued that Trump would inevitably be impeached because of his alleged ties to Putin who she claimed was “advancing in Korea.”

Charles Ortel, the private investor, and writer said that Maxine Waters is a lady “who has had many firsts to her credit.”

For that, some people do respect her. But when she opens her mouth and says things that are this stupid – she deserves to be fully exposed and fully criticized,” Ortel told RT.

In his opinion, some of the comments by the Democratic congresswoman are just “bizarre ravings.”

This is the kind of raving that comes out of people on the right and the left frankly, who walk around wearing tin foil hats. It makes no sense whatsoever that the president of the US and the Russian president would engage in this type of loony conspiracy theory putting many lives at risk,” he said.

He added that on both sides of the political spectrum “there are people who are not deep thinkers, who surround themselves with other simple minded people, who fall victim to the type of loony theories that many people like to think about.”

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Charles Ortel argues that Maxine Waters and people like her “are putting the Democratic Party at risk.

She is being surfaced as a future leader and mouthpiece, the senior elder statesman of the Democratic Party. If I were giving advice to the Democratic Party, I would tell them to make sure that Maxine Waters does not get any more publicity,” he continued.

The more they give, the more they are discrediting the Democratic Party among thinking Americans and people around the world. We believe in this country in an absolute right of freedom of speech, and the reason we do is because when people say things this stupid, other people come out of the woodwork and set the record straight,” he added.

Ted Rall, American political cartoonist, columnist, and author, agrees that such comments are pretty “embarrassing.”

Maxine Waters has had an excellent career, and this is only embarrassing her. I really wish the congressmen and senators and members of the American news media would just focus on what they know and report and talk about that,” he told RT.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.