Following Democrats' failure to defeat Trump, time to start 'watching the hawks'

Following Democrats' failure to defeat Trump, time to start 'watching the hawks'
Well, Hawk Watchers the results are in and Donald Trump is the new President Elect of the United States and no one seems to want to take responsibility for it.

A few days have passed since I was live on the scene in New York City covering that most odd of Tuesday evenings in U.S. Presidential Election history. Thankfully, the metallic taste of Trump Republicans and Corporate Media Jackals that permeated the air outside of Trump Election Headquarters at the Midtown Manhattan Hilton has finally left my taste buds and nostrils.

Surveying the U.S. landscape now that the dust has settled, I see the finger-pointing and blame game has begun. Fueled by the Democratic Party Elites who just can’t seem to grasp how their political status quo, Goldman Sachs-approved candidate didn’t fare well in the era of Black Lives Matter, Dakota Access Pipeline Protests and Occupy Wall Street.

Meanwhile, the corporate news media has been busy trying to twist the narrative away from the DNC’s own failure to choose a candidate and political platform that spoke to the rising tide of social and political unrest in the country.

Many have laid out the shoulda, coulda, woulda think pieces, but I believe the real truth is that they never would have chosen the right opponent to combat The Donald’s used car salesman con job.

His 'Vote for me and I’ll make your lives better by draining the swamps of D.C. and blaming all those who are of a lower socio-economic scale than you for all your problems' campaign won because those living inside the Ivory Tower echo chamber of D.C. big donor two-party politics will never truly understand the suffering and degradation of the peoples living in the rust belts, dusty small farms, and half empty flyover towns that used to hold a thriving working middle class of all cultures and creeds, therefore, how could they possibly understand a candidate that speaks to the needs and wants of those citizens.

Because these are the citizens who wanted George Bush’s 'Real Plans for Real People' and instead got 9/11, the 2nd Iraq War, the Patriot Act, and Wall Street bailouts. They wanted Obama’s 'Hope and Change' and instead got more bailouts, drone bombings, the Intelligence Industrial Complex and the TPP.

Now, they’ve been sold on the slogan of 'Making America Great Again.' And, yes, America will be great again, but not for the folks living in the flyover states, urban ghettos, or rapidly emptying middle-class suburbs. No, America will be great again for Donald Trump and his inner circle of Republican Party Elites, Big Money Donors and Alt Right sycophants.

While the blame game rages on around us let us see the truth through the post-election fiction and start Watching The Hawks…

Tyrel Ventura, host of RT America's 'Watching the Hawks'

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