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26 Oct, 2016 17:59

‘Trump supporters want to deliver big 'FU' you to The System’

‘Trump supporters want to deliver big 'FU' you to The System’

We’re not measuring the same: Left-Right, Republican–Democratic. It is more like the bipartisan establishment and all of us peasants down here, who are just sick to death of all of them, Jim Jatras, former US diplomat, told RT.

According to a new poll by ABC News, 46 percent of American voters are stressed out over who to vote for in next month’s presidential election; 23 per cent of respondents are seriously stressed.

RT: Conservative Glenn Beck, being a ‘Never Trumper,’ wrote a piece on Trump that has received a lot of kick back. What stood out to you about this?

Jim Jatras: What stood out for me were the comments. There are a lot of conservatives, and these are presumably fans of his publication, The Blaze, who are taking sharp issue with his point of view on this – that he should be supporting Trump. Frankly, I give his some credit for giving space to those people attacking him personally on this. We’re all getting stressed out here, and that is one symptom of it.

RT: Conservatives are so scared that the Democrat could take office, that it is not ok for anyone else to feel differently than people who want Trump to be in office. Do you think that it also has to with them not willing to think outside the box?

JJ: No, I don’t think that is it at all. I think it is opposite. You look at these ‘Never Trumpers’ – very conservative Christians (…), the doctrinaire conservatives who can’t pass the purity test with Trump. Whereas I think that a lot of people supporting Trump want a bomb thrower – they are not even necessarily all that conservative, or even like Trump. What they want, like Michael Moore said recently – they want a big ‘FU’ to the establishment; they want a human ‘hand grenade’ who’ll go and blow the place up. And that means not just the Democrats, that also means the Republican establishment, as well, and the media.

RT: Michael Moore said that people have been waiting for the “human hand-grenade that they can legally throw into the system that stole their lives from them.”

JJ: That is exactly right. I think that is why this election is different; maybe one reason why the polls are not all inaccurate. We’re not measuring the same: Left-Right, Republican–Democratic. It is more like the bipartisan establishment and all of us peasants down here, who are just sick to death of all of them. Bernie got stumped in the Democratic Party, as we know from Wikileaks not through fair means; Trump, by some alchemy we don’t quite understand managed on the Republican side. And I think the establishment, I mean the Republicans, as well as the Democrats, are terrified of him that he is going to come in. Maybe he won’t do half the things he said he’s going to do, but he will mess the place up. And I think a lot of people want to see the place messed up.

RT: What can you say about the establishment? The atmosphere is very heated right now. People seem to have bad feelings for Speaker of the US House of Representative Paul Ryan at the moment. Do you think he is going under?

JJ: I don’t know. I suppose it partly depends on what happens with the election. Aside from Speaker Ryan, there are a lot of establishment Republicans who would much rather work with a President Hillary Clinton on things they agree on with essentially: amnesty, free trade, so-called, endless wars – that is what the establishment of both parties has been bringing us for all these years. And I think it is those issues – more than Trump’s personality – that they find so disquieting about him.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.