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7 Jul, 2016 11:44

‘Foreign powers could blackmail Hillary Clinton over email contents’

‘Foreign powers could blackmail Hillary Clinton over email contents’

The Democratic presidential hopeful has so much blackmail potential – not only from hackers like the Romanian taxi driver - but from foreign services that have all of her email correspondence, former CIA officer Ray McGovern told RT.

The US Attorney General Loretta Lynch said on Wednesday that the Justice Department decided to close the investigation into Clinton’s use of a private instead of a secure server to send classified information via email.

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RT: Are you surprised the Attorney General decided to close the investigation?

Ray McGovern: Sadly I am not surprised at all. The thing was fixed from the beginning. Yesterday when [James] Comey gave that incredible speech, it was very clear that the die had been cast and Secretary Clinton would be granted privileged treatment from any indictment.

First of all, House Speaker Paul Ryan is just as criminal as all of them – all of them are criminals. We’re living in a criminal country run by criminals. We know that [Donald] Trump is going to win [the election] with the greatest number of votes ever cast in the history of America. And yet, they will steal that. And will the people revolt then? - former CIA contractor Steven Kelley told RT.

RT: Lynch accepted the FBI's recommendation not to charge Hillary Clinton. But do you think her private meeting with Bill Clinton played a role in her decision?

RM: It may have, but I think that the whole thing was fixed from the beginning. Bill Clinton exercised very poor judgment in boarding her plane, and she did almost recuse herself. But the standard had been set with General [David] Petraeus, who actually lied to the FBI, which is a felony ipso facto. He was let off with a misdemeanor and so it was very clear that Hillary Clinton would not be prosecuted, that she would be allowed to become president.

At this point the voters are irrelevant. I think Bernie Sanders defeated Hillary Clinton clearly. We’re allowing that to happen unchallenged. So, we know that Donald Trump right now has the overwhelming majority of voters on his side. Never have so many people been behind a candidate before. Yet, watch Hillary gets the election handed to her. - former CIA contractor Steven Kelley told RT

The problem here is that she has so much baggage, and there is so much blackmail potential – not only from hackers like the Romanian taxi driver - but it is very clear to me and to my technical colleagues at the NSA that services like those of Russia, of China, of Iran have a full book on her e-mail correspondence. That means that they could use that for blackmail purposes any time they choose. So just visualize a president of the US with that kind of cloud hanging over her head.

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