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29 May, 2016 15:56

‘Debate between Sanders & Trump would be the biggest event ever’

‘Debate between Sanders & Trump would be the biggest event ever’

Bernie Sanders has been hidden by American mainstream media as he is a nightmare for Hillary Clinton, legal and media analyst Lionel of Lionel Media, told RT America’s Manila Chan. A debate with Donald Trump would let Bernie come out and finally be Bernie, he added.

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders may face off on a debate stage in California. Earlier this week, Trump stated he needed $10-$15 million for charity in order for a debate to happen.

RT: Recently Donald Trump challenged Bernie Sanders saying that Sanders is going to ‘lose’ the debate. What was he referring to?  

Lionel: The election, everything, the whole megillah. Do you know how great this is? Your grandkids are going to say: “Tell us again about the 2016 elections!” I just want you to stop. Let’s be a little bit more emotional, because I want you to think about this. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln… DONALD TRUMP! Think about that... and it is not farfetched. It is not beyond the possibility. He beat 16 of the toughest, most formidable Republicans from senators to governors, even a brain surgeon. Nothing like this has and perhaps will ever happen again. Savor this moment. 

RT: By all accounts this debate is not likely to ever come to fruition. But if it did, would it spell bad news for Hillary? 

L: Doom, catastrophe, the Hindenburg, the humanity! Look, rule number one: anytime Donald Trump is on TV for anything – he could assassinate a panda. It doesn’t matter, he is in a different gravitational field. Number two: what Trump is going to do, he is going to say: “Come on Bernie, let’s let the Democrats see what they’ve just shoved out of the way through this ridiculous super delegate system.” Let Bernie come out and finally be Bernie. He has been hidden because the mainstream media have done everything in the power to push him out of the way. You put this two together. It would be the biggest event - are you kidding me? 

RT: Donald Trump is claiming that this debate would be about raising money for chatiry... 

L: Forget what Trump said. Don’t even worry about what he says. Bernie right now says: “I’ll do it.” What is going to happen is: Democrats are going to listen to Bernie and say: “Wait a minute, I forgot, this guy is great. Hey Hillary, explain this to us, let’s hear about that super delegates… Bernie – he won how many primaries? How many caucuses?” Bernie Sanders is her nightmare… 

RT: Is that becomes a Hillary –Trump election this fall, both of them are kind of unfavorables. Does this become a case of just picking the lesser of two evils?  

L: Number one: unfavorables mean nothing. They change like blood pressure. Never put money on unfavorables. Number two, the idea of the lesser of two evils is still evil. And don’t bring up any talk about third parties, because what America needs is not a third party, but two parties. If you think there is a difference between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, when it comes down to actual policy, you’re delusional. Remember, you’re going to tell your grandchildren about this. This is the greatest: Trump, Sanders – the biggest night since the last mass episode.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.