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23 Nov, 2015 14:52

#Jesuischien or the “real” value of human life in Western society

#Jesuischien or the “real” value of human life in Western society

Much can be said about society when it cries over a police dog more than its own on account of geography and ethnicity. How far has Democracy fallen when it no longer sees men, women and children but color, faiths and differences?

Through grand displays of grief and international calls for solidarity, much of the international community reached to the French nation, joining in this global stand against terror, radicalization and bigotry - only solidarity and sorrow have been reserved for a selected few, a chosen elite which we have been told is more worthy of our tears than the many “others.”

By others I’m referring to the thousands and tens of thousands of souls which were lost to terror across the world, mainly in Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

If indeed we should feel outraged, if indeed every death is a tragedy, all deaths should be treated with the same respect and thus mourned equally. Let us not dishonor the memory of our dead by labeling them in their death the way we labeled them in their life.

Blinded by their own sense of white colonial entitlement, this ingrained belief that the West knows better, does better and thinks better. France has unwittingly told the world what it is it has been hiding in its republican belly: that the Republic will only ever be White, that its people have a greater right to life than those third world degenerates it has been at war against for well over a decade.

Let me ask you this: How many innocent civilians were killed by drones over the past decade? How many lives were cut short under NATO intervention, in the name of democracy building? How many times have Western politicians owned up to their crimes and offered an apology? NEVER!

Fool yourself all you want but the Paris attack laid bare one of the West’s ugliest little secret: its innate fascist streak, the very diseased rationale which once upon a time allowed for the rise of the Third Reich. France should know better after it sullied its soul by collaborating - however briefly - with Nazi Germany.

By once more playing into chauvinism and racism France insulted those brave warriors who during the Resistance, fought to end fascism’s reign of terror, and reclaim those values of liberty and equality the French nation was built upon.

While the Paris attack could have become a rallying cry against terror, the cornerstone of a new movement against theo-fascism and all forms of violent repression, Western powers exploited France’s grief to serve their xenophobic and totalitarian agenda.

It was never solidarity for all against the plague which is ISIL, but rather Western solidarity against the “other” - the foreign, the unwanted and the undesirable - this imported element of society, which remains like a stain on an otherwise proud Christian society… or is it secular white society these days?

Here is one of France’s most interesting paradoxes: on the one hand officials can argue secularism and republicanism to defend their innate aversion of so-called “Islamic values” - essentially the headscarf; and on the other, those same officials have no qualms attending Church services to honor their martyrs.

Confused anyone? It’s not that France - and by extension Western society - does not like religion, it is simply that it does not view Islam as a worthy faith.

People’s faith cannot be measured on a scale; people’s traditions are not up for debate, they should be respected.

Truth is everyone’s game and in the end I would argue that Truth is not of this world anyway. So get off your high horses and leave the divine for the heart of men.

Religion here, by the way, is not the real problem - ethnicity is, color is!

But here where things got really ugly, real fast.


Not only has France claimed a monopoly on grief for its tragedy - never mind that only a few days before the Paris attack Beirut burnt under the fire of ISIS; never mind Yemeni civilians dying under the advances of Wahhabism and never mind the Kurds, Yazidis, Alawites, Sunni and Shia Muslims drowning under the rubble of their homes… those losses are not as trendy as Parisians’ candle and flower displays; France chose to mourn a dog over that of human life.

I love dogs but in the great scheme of things I’d like to believe that human life is a tad more important - call me egocentric if you must!

As Boko Haram sowed destruction in Nigeria social media trended #Jesuischien [I am dog] in reference to Diesel’s death, the police dog that was killed during a raid in Saint Denis (a suburb of Paris).

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But that’s not where the crazy train stopped. On November 19, Donald Trump, America’s wannabe president and billionaire businessman suggested branding Muslims. Well that’s not fascist at all!

Donald Trump did more that stuck a toe over the Nazi line here; he went for a marathon run…

Another interesting story also acted a mirror to this ongoing Western dystopia.

On Wednesday, Beirut Governor, Judge Ziad Chbib lighted Beirut’s landmark rock, the Raouché blue, white and red to mark France’s tragedy! In his French fervor Chbib completely blanked the fact that Beirut suffered its own brush with terror a few days prior to the Paris attack. Those deaths clearly did not matter.

If not for public anger Chbib would have omitted his people’s own grief. And though the Lebanese flag was too projected onto the rock, a last minute concession, the message was heard loud and clear: “YOU DO NOT MATTER.”

So what does it say about Western society when the death of a dog trends more than that of thousands of Africans, Asians and Middle Easterners? Are those the values the world is supposed to get on board with and fawn over - or has Western society self-cannibalize its humanity to the point where it has become THE devolution to be opposed?

“We’re going to have to do things that we never did before,” said Donald Trump. Such statements are inherently dangerous as they tap into irrational fears. How far will this rhetoric go?

Will we stop at tagging and labeling? Will we open internment camps and demand that all Muslims be criminalized… What happens when Muslims are blue-eyed, blond, white Caucasians? Islam again is a faith, not an ethnic label, or a nationality.

You can’t police faith. Fascism, however, can be fought.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.