‘Haiti president - US puppet to serve Wall Street and finance interests’

‘Haiti president - US puppet to serve Wall Street and finance interests’
Western interference blocks Haitian political parties from participating in a real political process, which makes people unable to build their country, Solomon Comissiong, Host and founder of Your World News Radio Show and Media Collective, told RT.

The capital of Haiti was partly destroyed by an earthquake in 2010. The country is facing large anti-government demonstrations against corruption and the policy of President Michel Martelly who is accused of serving US interests.

RT: Haiti received a lot of international aid after the earthquake of 2010; however it didn’t help the country to recover much after this disaster. Why is it so?

Solomon Comissiong: Because much of the worldwide efforts has been coming from disingenuous sources, has been coming from Western entities, like the United States, France and so forth, which have never had Haiti’s best interest in mind in the first place. And so Haiti is a country that’s overrun with non-governmental organizations – NGOs – and so much of the aid that’s coming into Haiti has strings attached to it much as it did in the 90s and so forth where, for instance, you know the conditions in which Jean-Bertrand Aristide was restored to power in the 90s after the US orchestrated a coup that overthrew him in the first place. There were strings that were attached to him coming back to power that enable the US to flood Haiti’s market with cheap US flour and things of that nature. A lot of the aid that’s coming in really doesn’t allow the Haitian people the self-determination they need to build up their country, it’s with way too many strings attached, and that’s why Haiti continues to find itself in a position it is in, because it’s much the same with Western involvement, just meddling and not having the Haitian people’s best interest in mind in the first place.

Protesters flee tear gas fired by Haitian Police during clashes in a march against the government of Haitian President Michel Martelly in Port-au-Prince on January 17, 2015. (AFP Photo / Hector Retamal)

RT:Is there any corruption under the current president administration?

SC: Yes, there is very much corruption with the [Michel] Martelly administration. He is in essence a puppet of the United States, and so yes, without a doubt there is current corruption that is throughout the Haitian government and these members like you know. Martelly who is in power right now he was the West’s poster boy, the puppet they wanted to have in place. That’s why they prevented Fanmi Lavalas which is really the people’s party from participating in these elections, in the general elections, and so what you had is extremely low voter turnout, and you had the US, the likes of the United States pushing candidates…into office no matter how corrupt they would be, they knew that they would have a candidate in office [who] quite frankly would make sure that Western finance capital would be allowed to create its machinations throughout the country to serve Wall Street and finance capital interest, the United States interest first and foremost. And so you know the corruption is irrelevant to the United States. They have their people in power, they prevented and they’ve done a great job making sure that they blocked the people’s party, the people’s candidates such as Fanmi Lavalas, making sure that they blocked the return of Jean-Bertrand Aristide to political activity.

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RT:Do you see any future changes to the current situation?

SC: Well it really depends. If once again the current government of Haiti which… are backed and supported by West…If they are able to continue to block other political parties like Fanmi Lavalas, if they are able to prevent them, then we are going see much of the same in perpetuity, the corruption, we are going to see much of the same in terms of the people of Haiti being the real losers in this whole duplicitous game the West is playing, because they are going to continue to be robbed and starved of resources in self-determination that they need to rise up as a nation, to rise up as people. It really depends on who is allowed to participate because I’ll tell you this: if they allow Fanmi Lavalas to participate, the West and the puppets that they are backing are in for a very rude awakening, because they are going to be bullied out of office and we’ll just have to wait and see who those folks are who really are liberation-oriented throughout the globe who should be doing everything they can to pressure their governments to make sure that there is no more Western meddling in Haiti’s politics, and that all these political parties are able to participate fully in all future elections.

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