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‘Rise of extremism in Europe comes together with anti-Semitism’

‘Rise of extremism in Europe comes together with anti-Semitism’
The Paris attacks were partly against Jews and Netanyahu invited Jewish people to come to Israel if they feel insecure, Alex Selsky, an ex-advisor to the Israeli Premier told RT. But Israel hopes the entire world will join them in a war against extremism.

RT:Benjamin Netanyahu is obviouslyconcerned. Do you feel that anti-Semitism in Europe has reached a critical level?

Alex Selsky: Unfortunately, we see the signs that there is a rise of anti-Semitism and we definitely see that part of these terrorist acts were against Jews and the last terror attack, and the last killing of four were against Jews. So unfortunately we see the signs - it’s not only in France it’s also in other countries, that the rise of extreme Islamist terrorism in Europe is together with anti-Semitism. The Prime Minister of Israel together with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Avigdor Lieberman, came to express our deep solidarity with the French people. But we really have to work hard to transform this solidarity into the solidarity of fighting terrorism; not against the Islamic community in Europe, but against the extreme Islamic terrorism, and today this is a war of all the civilized world. Unfortunately, Israel has a very long experience of this war and we really hope that all the civilized world will join us in this very important war against extreme Islamic terrorism.

French-Israeli dual nationals hold signs reading in French "I am Charlie" during a remembrance ceremony in Tel Aviv on January 11, 2015, to protest against the attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo's office that left 12 dead and an attack on a kosher supermarket in Paris. (AFP Photo)

RT:Mr. Netanyahu invited Jews to return to Israel, while the French president believes that Jews should stay in France. There is a certain difference of opinions here, what are your thoughts about it?

AS: Well the state of Israel was established as a home for the Jewish people and the establishment of the state of Israel was only three years after the Holocaust which happened on European soil. So unfortunately today we understand that the only good solution to secure Jews and their future is a strong sovereign state of Israel. Unfortunately in spite of the position of the other countries we do call for Jews if they feel insecure in other places to come to Israel, because Israel today is a national home for Jews that can be secure for all the Jews in the world. We understand the feelings of the French people and of the French president, but we definitely first of all think about the lives of Jews and the security of Jews and the future of every Jew separately and the Jewish people in common, so definitely we do say to Jews around the world if you feel insecure come to Israel, this is your national home and this is the place to give you security.

RT:Do you think that if Jews return to Israel, that will actually help the situation or is there a danger of sending a message to terrorists, saying they can scare Jews into returning back to Israel?

AS: First of all we do have to think about the lives of Jews, so first of all definitely I say it again, we do call to Jews to come to Israel if they feel insecure, but it doesn’t mean that we stop fighting against terror. Israel is known around the world by its force, by its anti-terrorist actions and anti-terrorist abilities, so it’s not that, you know, we escape from the war against terror. We do need to provide security for Jews, but at the same time we do proceed in our war against terror in Israel, against the Islamic terrorism that we have around us like Hamas or Hezbollah or Iran. But we do want to cooperate with European states and with the United States and with Russia and every civilized country and civilized society against the extreme Islamic terrorism wherever it is, and unfortunately it exposes itself all over the world every day.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.