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4 Dec, 2014 16:11

Swedish Democrats anti-immigration stance – ‘voice that speaks up for the silent majority’

Swedish Democrats anti-immigration stance – ‘voice that speaks up for the silent majority’

Immigration rates in Sweden have reached a record high, so forming a government without addressing the issue of mass immigration will not work, Swedish Democrat leader Kent Ekeroth, told RT.

Democrats (SD) is the third largest party in the Parliament, and its leader Kent Ekeroth speaks zealously against mass migration and multiculturalism in Sweden.

RT:Kent, we know that your party voted against the government budget, what do you expect is going to happen now?

Kent Ekeroth: Well, we voted against the government budget and there were three options: either the government parties and the right-wing coalition should cooperate together; the second option was that they should talk to us, and the third option was this reelection. So we were not sure exactly what’s going to happen, but in these circumstances, it’s good to us to have this result. And we voted against the government because of the immigration policy and what’s going to happen now basically is we are going to have a reelection, that is about immigration, and that’s going to be the key issue, because it was immigration that led to this result. Both the leftwing coalition and the rightwing coalition still want mass immigration and this is unacceptable for us and that is why we are having this reelection.

RT:What about immigration figures in Sweden, have they escalated recently?

KE: Yes, they’ve been really bad for a very long time now and things have escalated to absurd proportions in Sweden where we have breaking record levels of immigration every year. This year we have 100,000 asylum seekers, then its family reunification and workforce immigration. So we might be talking about maybe 250,000 people in one year immigrating to Sweden. So it’s extreme mass immigration and it affects all areas of society -state finances, local municipalities, who have been crushed under the burden of mass immigration, it affects crime rates and the way Swedish people feel at home in their own country. So it is a huge problem and none of the other seven parties have addressed this problem in a proper way.

RT:Did the government expect something like this to happen?

KE: The government didn’t succeed to get the support they need in the parliament, they were being way too confident; they thought that no one would act in this situation. And we told the government on several occasions… Just the other day we wrote an article and we told them: “You can still be in government; you can have our support if you do something about the immigration.”And they said straight off “We won’t talk to you, we won’t listen to you, and we won’t do anything.” So the message is that forming a government under this parliamentary situation - addressing the issue of immigration - will not work if it isn’t seen to.

RT:To what level do you want the immigration rate in Sweden to be lowered?

KE: Sweden’s immigration of asylum seekers is about ten times that of our neighboring countries, European countries in general. So we’ve been saying that we want to lower it by at least 90 percent and that’s a number we had a few years ago. And since then the immigration level has risen a lot, so to get down to my initial numbers we are still saying at least 90 percent, might be more, maybe 95 percent... But we’ve been also very clear with the government saying that we are willing to compromise, we do not demand a decrease by 90-95 percent at the stage, but we will give support for the government if they would lower immigration to 50 percent, that’s a first step.

RT:You have said that both leftwing and rightwing coalitions in Parliament are in favor of mass immigration, but what about ordinary people? What is their opinion?

KE: If you look at surveys, if we had a vote in Sweden about immigration, the side that wants to decrease immigration would win: all surveys have showed that since the 90s. So we have larger support in the Swedish society than we have in Parliament… We are the voice in Sweden that speaks up for this silent majority.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.