#CameronMustGo: 'PM won’t be losing any sleep over campaign'

#CameronMustGo: 'PM won’t be losing any sleep over campaign'
It’s yet to be seen if the #CameronMustGo campaign is a threat, but so far, despite petitions and online campaigns, people have not seen much change in the way they are governed, current affairs blogger Jo Edwards told RT.

The Twitter hashtag #CameronMustGo appeared about ten days ago and has already got more followers than the “Yes” campaign for an independent Scotland. Those who put #CameronMustGo hashtag in their tweets criticize Cameron’s policies and want him to resign.

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RT: What do you think behind this wave of criticism against David Cameron?

Jo Edwards: I think there is a myriad of things at the moment. We are looking at a huge increase in inequality across the UK; we’ve got a huge problem with the housing crisis, and some issues that the likes of Russell Brand have been admirably advocating. And we’ve still not seen any criminal sanctions taken against the bankers, the financial center, and we’ve also seen delayed action on claims of the pedophile ring, the EU in-out referendum, the NHS break-up. I mean there is a huge list of things the UK population is just not happy with at the moment.

RT: Will this message have any influence?

JE: I think it’s tricky, I think obviously twitter is a difficult beast. It’s obvious; we’ve seen people that can bring action on social media that aren’t having an impact on mainstream media. But at the same time when we look at people such as David Cameron and the Westminster establishment, we’ve seen already that they are quite well protected legally…security services obviously ensure that they are protected. Even though we, as a public can bring petitions to the Commons and bring up issues that are of importance, we are seeing very little movement so far in the way that we are being ruled.So it will remain to be seen, whether this is really a threat, but I think Cameron won’t be losing any sleep at night.

RT: There is General Election on the horizon, are you expecting this campaign to extend over the next few months?

JE: It really comes to the crux when there is a general election and Cameron obviously can’t afford to lose votes. But what we’ve seen before, what we saw at the Scottish referendum with the “Yes” campaign hashtag which flourished massively, but this didn’t transcend in the vote. So I think probably David Cameron, the Conservative party, will be hoping that these currents on twitter will not transcend in the election. Of course, who knows what may come of it. I think at the moment there will be quite a low who believe, as many mainstream media have said, that this is a leftwing movement, that these are merely leftwing activists that are propagating this hashtag. And of course David Cameron will be hoping that he still has that stronghold in the elderly voters.

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