​'UK to pay price for bombing IS for years to come'

​'UK to pay price for bombing IS for years to come'
British MPs are ignoring valid arguments against bombing the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, and the UK will end up making more enemies within the Muslim world, Raza Nadim from the UK Muslim Public Affairs Committee, told RT.

RT:What's your view on the parliamentary vote? Should the UK be getting involved?

Raza Nadim: No, of course not. I am frankly quite disgusted that only 43 members of Parliament represented the majority of the British public view which is: “We don’t want to enter into another war and enter into another dark tunnel where only Britain comes out worse, and we end up making more enemies than friends and causing more problems in the Muslim world.” It is absolutely shocking. I was watching pretty much most of the debate that was taking place. Just the disdain that was shown towards MPs that were being honest like George Galloway, MP for Bradford West. It was shocking to see some other MPs just ignoring valid arguments being put forward for why we should not bomb Iraq and how that would eventually most likely [lead] to bombing Syria. But we ignored that, and I fear that Britain is going to pay the price for that for many years to come.

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RT:Even if these targeted air strikes are a tactical success - what do you think could be the long-term consequences of such an operation?

RN: Yes, of course, there are no short-term successes with this. There are only short-term successes in terms of how the PR is managed, but there will be civilian casualties and it was just the flippant manner which it was being discussed by some of the members of Parliament, was frankly quite disgusting. Firstly, you have that on a short-term basis. Secondly, it is ISIS will in the eyes of some people be seen as champions of a cause of fighting that evil Western power such as America and the UK. And all it will do it is going to cause more radicalization, create more enemies within the Muslim world. I can’t explain, I don’t understand how this decision was being taken because it is not in Britain’s best interests.

RT:Most people would now agree that the Western invasion and occupation of Iraq, only made terrorist groups stronger - isn't the UK government worried about history repeating itself?

RN: Undoubtedly, I think if we look at people on social media, talk to most of the British public they will tell you that is what exactly what they feel because we have seen the results of our interventions and our invasions in the Muslim world. And the other very important thing is that just the vote itself will further disenfranchise even more young Muslims in the UK. And of course people in the Muslim world will be watching how this debate took place, and how flippant so many members of Parliament were about the fact that there will be civilian casualties and how we’ll have to live with that. And also about how there will undoubtedly be a mission creep. We all are going to have a lot more problems, we have to face up to the reality, and of the 43 MPs that voted against bombing Iraq, you could just see on their faces that horrible realization that: “Oh my God, we are doing this again even now when we know what happened last time and what will happen this time.”

RT:David Cameron has said there will be no British boots on the ground in Iraq. Will he be able to keep that promise if the air campaign fails?

RN: The thing is all the air strikes themselves will not work because if the idea is to destroy and degrade ISIS or ISIL then air strikes are not enough. As David Cameron himself said this is something that will go on for years and undoubtedly we saw mission creep being mentioned during the debate in the Houses of Parliament as well and the House of Commons. We are going to see there are going to be further complications; we will see boots on the ground. As pointed out by George Galloway, MP that may not necessarily be British, but there will be boots on the ground. And we are going to see an advancement of this war, we are going to see more action being taken on a greater basis with other countries being involved and it will just complicate matters for Britain further and it is bringing problems to our own doorstep.

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