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‘Carl Bildt - slavish supporter of US, not European values’

Bryan MacDonald
Bryan MacDonald
Bryan MacDonald is an Irish journalist based in Russia.
‘Carl Bildt - slavish supporter of US, not European values’
Sweden’s Foreign Minister Carl Bildt - whether it is for personal self-benefit or because of general ideology -100 percent supports American policies almost without question, journalist Bryan MacDonald told RT.

The Parliamentaryelectionsin Sweden, which took place on September 14, signaled the return of a left-leaning government after eight years in opposition. The change of government in Sweden also means an end of the mandate of one of the well-known lawmakers in the European political arena - Foreign Minister Carl Bildt. Bildt has been a fierce critic of Russia over its politics in Ukraine.

RT:Bildt was one of the people behind the Eastern partnership - the initiative governing the EU's relations with post-soviet states. Some argue, this policy is partly to blame for the current chaos in Ukraine, would you agree?

Bryan MacDonald: It definitely played a large part, but it wouldn’t exclusively have led to this of course. There are other factors such as Ukrainian internal politics, movements and of course interference of the US, NATO and non-government bodies such as George Soros and Pierre Omidyar. But certainly the Eastern Partnership is one of the bulwarks, and of course Carl Bildt was one of the main supporters of it. A partnership that has completely transformed the EU from a core group of 15 relatively rich West European countries to a group of 27 where most of the group are poor.

RT:He served on the Board of Directors of Lundin Oil, during the Civil war in Sudan. The company was accused of providing resources to government forces that committed crimes against humanity. How did that affect his reputation in Sweden?

BM: I don’t think people in Europe are really aware of that. I think Bildt in Europe was mainly famous for his behavior in the Balkans and Ukraine this year, and his general support of what we call “eurocratic” politics, which is where the elite within Europe, every country almost, with a few exceptions of course, seem to care more about the European project then the actual people who live in Europe at the moment. That is one of the reasons he has been in the news here, I don’t think Sudan is such a big issue in Europe itself amongst the normal voting public.

RT:Bildt worked with the Committee for the liberation of Iraq pushing for the invasion of the country. How big of a role did the organization play in the conflict?

BM: Again, like with the Ukraine situation, it’s one of many groups that played a role in conflict. Obviously the biggest role in the conflict was played by George Bush and Tony Blair by their bombing of Iraq. Of course it played a role and Bildt is a notorious neo-con, but the real question here is that Bildt is a slavish supporter of what we call American values which are not necessarily in train with what we call European values. Most Europeans, not all, but especially countries like France, in the Nordic countries and Ireland, would be suspicious of America’s actions and would have a very different world view to the US. Bildt is not; Bildt is for whatever reason, maybe his personal self-benefit or general ideology, 100 percent supports American policies without almost any question.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.