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14 Jul, 2014 11:25

‘World is still livable due to BRICS counterbalancing West’

‘World is still livable due to BRICS counterbalancing West’

The West is now starting to move to its final decay, with the Russia-China alliance becoming stronger, offering Latin America and other regions a multipolar model of the world, author and international consultant Adrian Salbuchi told RT.

RT:The BRICS nations are gathering for a sixth time, a lot of deals are coming out of this. How important are these agreements?

Adrian Salbuchi: They are indeed very important because not only should we look at them from the point of view of economic deals, which are very important for this part of the world, especially with the ongoing financial crisis in the Western world. But I think we should not lose sight of the fact that BRICS, although it is shown as an economic agreement, has turned into a geopolitical agreement. And if anything today the world is still livable it is because Russia and China are mainly offering a counterbalance to American, European, British, Israeli imperialism throughout the whole world, and that includes Latin America.

RT:It's expected that a joint BRICS development bank will be created. What economic impact will it have on the group?

AS: Enormous. I am speaking to you from Argentina, which is a under serious chronic foreign debt crisis which has been engineered since 40 years ago by the IMF and now is being completed by the private banks with Golden Sachs, J.P. Morgan, leading the whole deal that is an absolute rip-off. So the fact that they will soon open an alternative to the IMF, this public fund that will be set up by the BRICS nations, will give a lot of relief to many countries that are unnecessarily indebted to the Western banks and the IMF. So I think it’s something that should fill us with a lot of optimism. So workers in Latin America can stop working for international usury and start working not only for our respective countries, but for the entire region and for further afield as well.

RT:Many see BRICS as an organization able to challenge the economic dominance of the West. Is it likely to help foster a multipolar world?

AS: Absolutely. The West is now starting to move to its final decay. I think the future will definitely have as one of its main poles the Russian-Chinese alliance becomes it gets stronger all the time, and obviously in our part of the world countries like Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Uruguay and Bolivia are understanding this very well, and these are the countries that are becoming increasingly very powerful. Other countries like Colombia and Mexico which are very pro-US are having ongoing problems and they will probably have come towards our side because this is where the real alternative is for the future.

RT:Do you think multipolar world will become a reality soon?

AS: Yes, I believe it will. No doubt that if the Americans, the British and the Europeans had their way, we would have a world government very soon. That’s not going to happen, thanks to the BRICS nations with Russia and China as its center. In Argentina we had General Juan Domingo Perón who was a very good president and he spoke many years ago about continentalism, in other words it was his way to say a multipolar world is the only way to have future. All of Latin America, or at least South America, should form one part of this multipolar world where we of course can deal with the Western nations, no doubt about that, that’s a historical issue, but we should look further afield especially to China, to Russia, India, to even Africa, which is very much ignored in this part of the world and less to Europe, Britain and America which have brought so many problems, so much hardship and so much poverty throughout all Latin America.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.