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'Poroshenko can only pretend that he controls the situation in Ukraine'

Pyotr Poroshenko is a kind of a puppet president and it is total chaos when it comes to the control system and the governmental system in Ukraine, Mateusz Piskorski, political scientist from the European Center of Geopolitical Analysis, told RT.

RT:Just a week ago, Poroshenko was calling for dialogue with the East. Why this sudden u-turn?

Mateusz Piskorski: Just a week ago, he tried to gain as much support as it is possible before the elections. Of course, he also counted on those voters who are living in eastern and southern parts of the country. Although, as we know, the elections in Lugansk and Donetsk regions did not take place, in several other regions like Odessa, Poroshenko tried to get the support of those voters who support dialogue.

On the other hand, we know that it is not Poroshenko who is in control of the situation and the military forces now in Ukraine. So he can do nothing, he is a kind of a puppet president at the moment. He does not control the SBU, the secret service of Ukraine, which is controlled by Mr. Valentin Nalivaychenko. Mr. Nalivaychenko is a direct collaborator with the CIA and American services. As well, Mr. Poroshenko does not control the Ministry of Internal Affairs and its Minister Avakov who is closely connected to Miss Tymoshenko, the harshest competitor during the electoral campaign of Mr. Poroshenko.

So we can say that it is a total chaos when it comes to the control system and the governmental system in Ukraine, and Poroshenko can do nothing but he can pretend he controls the situation. That is why I think he claims that he will continue the anti-terrorist operation, which is in fact not controlled and not driven by him but by some other people who are his political opponents, his political competitors.

We can expect that in the future there will be also clashes between various pro-governmental forces, units. We have witnessed already such clashes. Ukraine is a territory in total chaos, it is no more a state governed by central government. It is a territory of chaos, of different criminal gangs, different criminal groups who are pretending to be governmental structures.

RT:Poroshenko says the military operation should last hours, not weeks. What does he mean by that?

MP: On Monday the experts of the European Center for Geopolitical Analysis from Poland that were witnessing the situation in Donetsk, they have seen civilians killed at the railway station in Donetsk, so we can say that this operation is directed not as much against some military units or, as the Kiev government has called them, separatist forces, but it is directed and targeted at the civilian population and the whole population of the south-east of Ukraine.

I guess what they are trying to do now is to frighten, to scare the whole population of the southeast of the country just to become not only obedient but also passive and not acting anyhow.

Unfortunately, Poroshenko is right that the military operation will be continuing, Poroshenko is right that the number of victims will be more and more. I guess that, unfortunately, what we can expect is a long civil war in southeastern parts of Ukraine. Poroshenko is not right when he says that the so-called anti-terrorist operation will last only a few hours or few days because for that, he will need to extinguish or kill a large part of the population of the southeast, and of course, it is impossible.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.