Part apparently from US military aircraft found on Okinawa beach – report

Japan’s Defense Ministry is investigating an object found on a beach in Okinawa Prefecture that’s apparently from a US military aircraft, according to the NHK broadcaster. The object was found on Friday morning in Uruma City on the island of Ikeijima in the southwestern prefecture. Officials in Okinawa say the object’s shape suggests it is an engine cover from an Osprey transport aircraft. No one was injured by the object, which is 1 meter long, 70cm wide, and 65cm high. After the discovery, officials in Okinawa reportedly demanded that Osprey flights be stopped. Ikeijima is connected to Okinawa’s main island via a bridge. On January 6, a helicopter based at the US Marine Corps Futenma Air Station in Ginowan City, also in Okinawa, made an emergency landing on the beach. In January last year, another US military helicopter made an emergency landing on a farm road on the island.