“Years of work paid off” – Pirate Party

Sweden’s Pirate Party, which wants to legalize internet file sharing, has secured at least one seat in the European parliament. The party’s campaign manager Jan Lindgren shared his delight with RT.

With internet piracy remaining a burning and controversial issue across the world, Sweden seems to have its own view of the problem.

With votes still being counted, the Pirate Party has already crossed the threshold needed to gain a seat. It currently has 7% of the vote, which makes it Sweden’s fifth-largest political force.

Established three years ago, the party is mostly backed by young people. Its popularity has skyrocketed since the recent conviction of the owners of the Swedish Pirate Bay file-sharing website.

“We want to change the copyright, to make file sharing legal, protect the privacy of European citizens and change the patent laws,” Lindgren told RT.