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12 Sep, 2009 07:22

World’s best cocktail served 33 floors above Moscow

He's been crowned the world's Cocktail King, for creating pure mixes for party lovers. Now Bek Narzibekov happens to be serving up his mouth-watering concoctions at a Moscow bar.

Bek Narzibekov has taken top prize at the International World Class Drinks competition. And when a champion like that works in Moscow at the City Space bar, RT had to meet him, at least for a drink or two. It’s at the height of 33 floors above the city where the Cocktail King creates his famous booze brews. So what is the drink that won over the judges?

“One of them is called Moscow Spring Punch, which is vodka , freshly-squeezed ginger, fresh raspberry and Siberian honey with ginger ale,” Bek shared the secret with RT.

Purity is the name of the game when it comes to his creations.

“We don’t use things like sugar, trying to use natural ingredients,” says the Cocktail King.

Muscovites take their nightlife seriously. In recent years, Moscow has become a Mecca for nightclubs, parties and cocktail swilling fashionistas. But what about the impending hangovers?

“You don’t get hangovers when you drink here, because everything is natural,” assures Bek. 

One of Bek’s friends, Mike, arrived at the City Space bar for a taste test – the Mojito versus his famous Moscow Spring Punch. And it’s the Punch that won him over. Mike says Bek's drinks are first class:

“Talking about ingredients, talking about everything, he has his own style, it is special for Moscow,” says Mikhail Vihman, Bek’s friend.