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12 Dec, 2008 09:31

Water show a swimming success

The Russian Synchronized swimming team, who won gold at the Beijing Olympics, have taken their talents and put them on display in a mesmerizing new show in Moscow.

This is the fifth time the event has taken place and this year the organisers have made “Space” the theme: Swimming in the Stars.

It's a spectacular display of art and sport.

Three-time Olympic champions Maria Kiseleva and Olga Brusnikina retired from competitive sport a while ago. However, these days they promote the sport as much as they can.

“This year we tried to accomplish something new. Actually we do it every year. We came with fresh ideas and I think the crowd really enjoyed the show. We combined several elements with synchronised swimming which has turned out very successful,” Maria Kiseleva says.

The water spectacle always sells out at Moscow's Olympic swimming pool and showcases past and future champions.

“One of the show's elements includes the participation of young swimmers – the ones who will probably defend the country's honour in international competitions. It's just an exhibition for them today. But who knows, we might see these kids on the Olympic podium in the future,” Kiseleva says.

The organisers of the event have added an extra special treat for the fans.

Russia’s Brusnikina and France’s two-time world champion Virginie Dedieu were once rivals. At this year’s event they have teamed up to mystify the audience with their brilliance in tandem.

“I think this show is very important. Synchronised swimming is probably only popular in Russia, France, Japan and Spain. We witnessed something spectacular here today. All the lights, the atmosphere, the ambiance – it must have been very expensive. It would be a great idea to brand this show,” says Dedieu.

Anastasia Davydova, four-time Olympic champion and winner of gold in Beijing, added grace to the event.

The perfectionist admitted that she wanted to thrill the audience with the routine that brought her the good ol' AU on the periodic table of elements, but was unable to deliver because her partner was injured.

Nevertheless, she did what she could for the most critical of judges.

“As a kid I idolised Maria Kiseleva and Olga Brusnikina and I loved to just stand next to them. Now I'm doing my part for the next generation. I think this event is good for their experience – like getting used to big crowds for example. Children will work even harder to achieve their dreams after shows like this one,” Davydova said.