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7 Apr, 2009 06:05

“U.S. is a puppet of private bankers” – Alex Jones

Alex Jones, a U.S. radio host and film director has made a documentary exposing new claims about Barack Obama.

The film 'The Obama Deception' claims America has become a puppet in the hands of private bankers working towards a new world order.

Several months after Obama stepped in as President of the United States, you make a documentary calling him a deceiver. Why?

Jones: He said he wouldn’t hire lobbyists. All he’s done is hire high power lobbyists at every level of government. And he has handed the country over to the oligarchs, the international bankers, to loot the nation, according to Bloomer Financial, $9.7 trillion. He has lied about leaving Iraq. He said that he would take the troops out immediately, now he is saying 16 to 23 months he is going to keep them there. He has increased the troops by 30 thousand, doubling them in Afghanistan. He is bombing Pakistan. Barack Obama promised that he would only raise taxes on those making over a quarter million dollars a year. He has now announced in the Wall Street Journal, he is going to change all the loop holes to tax all Americans, taking away our waivers we have for homes, taking away the exemptions. The lies are incredible. Everything Obama has said has been a lie.

In your work, you talk a lot about the new world order. What is the new world order?

Jones: The new world order is a private group of ultra rich bankers who are off shore. They are above the US, above Iran, Russia, Venezuela. They are international, and they are creating a network of international laws to regulate, and control, and dominate nations. They openly state that they want to deindustrialize countries, they want to bankrupt the population. They want a poor population that has to go to the government for handouts. They want a domesticated population. So the new world order is what every other dictatorship has called for in history. They are people who want a planetary dictatorship run by a group of plutocratic financiers. It is a world government of, for, and by private bankers.

And what you say is that the American government is a puppet of the new world order, is that right?

Jones: Absolutely! I am a patriot, I believe in the free market, I believe in the red, white and blue, Constitution, or Bill of Rights. And everything that the supposed government is doing is the opposite of that. It is 180 degrees from what this nation is supposed to be. In every poll, American people are against the wars, they are against the open borders, they are against the police state, but the central government does the opposite of what the people want. And they are setting up this control grid to try to suppress the American people.

How do you see Barack Obama as the American President?

Jones: President Barack Obama is a deceiver. He says one thing, but he does the opposite. And that is the only thing that is constant with Barack Obama. He builds himself as anti-establishment, but really he is completely owned and paid for by the establishment.

So how do you see the future of American politics?

Jones: The United States is a corrupt empire that has been used by international banks and global crime syndicates to expand that empire world-wide. They have basically been using the United States like a credit card to pay for the world government. And I see the United States entering the greatest crisis since its founding 235 years ago. So I see the United States as a hijacked nation, a nation that is being used as a tool or an engine of international oligarchs, international financiers. I see the United States in danger of being collapsed. But at the same time, I see a massive awakening of the global agenda taking place. So I know we have a fighting chance of defeating this.

Following up on that, some people go further and say that a collapse for America is inevitable. What do you say to that?

Jones: The globalists want to have a collapse of the United States, and yes, we are in a very real danger of collapsing, because the Central Bank has gotten this country deep in debt, has done it by design. And now they have cut off the money supply. And the economy for the last year has been in free fall. Real unemployment is up 20%. So yes, I have seen many scholars in the United States and worldwide talk about the collapse of the United States. That is a real danger. But again, in the new world order, bankers only want the collapse of the United States, so that they can come back in, pose as saviors, bring control over the nation and then reform the United States as a fascist engine to carry out military operations against any free nation in the world. They openly state that the United States will be the pit-bull, the attack dog. The American people will be used to go after any free nation in the world. So the United States is in the process of going from a corrupt oligarchy to a fascistic Hitlerian pit-bull, meant to go out and literally wage war against the planet. Meanwhile, the international financiers will sit in Switzerland, and London, and Paris, and Berlin, and blame America for all the tyranny, when they own our private federal reserve, and they are launching attacks.

One of the things you talk about in your film is that the American government is trying to build a civil army to be able to use unsuspecting civilians for their own purposes. Can you explain what you mean by that?

Jones: Yes, legislation has passed the House and the Senate, and they are in the process right now of ratifying it to create, in the words of the New York Times, a 7 million person army. And they openly state that citizens will be spying on each other, that this will be a para-military force, domestically and internationally. To be a civilian force, so that after the US takes over a country, then a civilian force will come in and administer the country. So the United States is being used as a colony of the offshore bankers to create a social service class to administer the world government.

You allege that the Builderberg group runs the world, who are they exactly?

Jones: The Bilderberg group is the Queen of England, the Queen of the Netherlands, it is the Rockefellers, it is the Rothchilds. They write books, they brag about it. Rockefeller wrote a book four years ago saying he wants world government and the US sovereignty. And they are these incredibly wealthy, powerful families. They play with nations. The whole population is like their little toy. And they are outside the laws, they don’t have to follow the laws of the nations they control. And they come in and buy off the governments, and finance those governments to go along with their aims. And the new world order is just a super-rich international mafia of oligarchs that are playing gods, who want to abolish and bankrupt nation states, so they can set up an international order, where the planet is owned by a private bank.

Some people say in the next couple of years there is going to be a revolution in America. Could that be possible?

Jones: The globalists hate America. But at the same time, they know that America is waking up, and there are over 100 million armed American citizens who understand that the big arm has the basic right and who refuse to be this arm. So we have the internal government documents, the state police documents. They are very concerned about the revolution. Because they know that as they bankrupt the nation, as they turn us into third world slaves, the people will resist. So they are attempting to set up a high tech police state in the United States as rear-guard action. So they’ve stolen the country blind, using the US’s energy, and money, and finance to build it. Now they are done with us, but the final phase is putting a police state in, so they can successfully rob the United States without having the American people ever take control of the country and then prosecute them and arrest them.

How do you explain the extreme popularity of Barack Obama? How long do you think this Obama phenomenon is going to last?

Jones: Barack Obama is a manufactured Madison Avenue pitch man. He is a fraud. And he made all these great promises and said a lot of good things during the campaign. Now he is going back on all those promises. Now he is flip-flopping, lying. So we already see in polls as much as a 20% drop in his approval. So I think the Messianic support for Barack Obama as a cult leader is fading quickly.

The American media and the bloggers, the main stream media, and the alternative media seem to be in a war. Who should the American people trust? Who is the reliable source of information?

Jones: There is a war between the alternative media and the mainstream media. And you have thousands and thousands of sources in the alternative media, some of it is true, some of it – lies, they all have agendas. And you have the government trying to infiltrate the blogs to put out their propaganda. The mainstream corporate media in the United States have proven their agenda is to spin and lie and kind of dumb the information down. They lie by omission. The blogs are very diverse, some of it is true, some of it is partially true, some of it is not true. But people are developing a sense and becoming more sophisticated, and they have learned that the alternative media on average is more accurate and delivers more diversity in thought and opinion than the mainstream media. So the mainstream media is going bankrupt, TV is going bankrupt, newspapers are going bankrupt. There is the Internet, and people have learned they have an agenda and they are lying. But the Pandora’s box is open. The genie is out of the bottle. They are not going to be able to shut down the Internet. People have had the taste of alternative information, the whole cornucopia, that whole rainbow of ideas. And the establishment is in trouble. That’s why they are launching this whole police state takeover, because people have finally woken up to the fact that the emperor has no clothes.