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US Senate unhappiness will have no effect on Libyan campaign - journalist

As the operation in Libya continues, the US Senate has rebuked President Obama for the US being involved without legislative approval. However, experts believe that putting the US military involvement into question will have little effect on the action.

­Ramzy Baroud, an author and editor of PalestineChronicle.com, says that past historical experiences, particularly the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, demonstrate that the reproach from the Congress will not have any consequences either for the military campaign in Libya or for Obama himself.

“We have seen in the past that Congress had taken on such initiatives and questioned the wisdom of previous presidents, yet did very little, really, to stop what was taking place,” Baroud told RT. “And I don’t think that Libya is going to be an exception.”

The journalist also points out that military-wise the Libyan campaign is more of a European battle, with limited involvement from the US.

“I think it allows the US to get involved in the so-called ‘Arab spring’ by playing a major role and directing the future flow of the ‘spring’ without [paying] a heavy military and political price,” he explained.

“I don’t think either Obama or any other American president is capable of pulling off yet another major battlefield – in Libya or elsewhere. Therefore, they came up with this scenario, [where] the US is involved but, actually, France and Britain are playing the major role,” Ramzy Baroud concluded.