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25 Sep, 2008 02:48

Ukraine's President talks tough amid crisis at home

Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko once again made it clear Ukraine does not recognise the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia and is keen to join NATO. While some leaders want to make a point speaking at the U

“Ukraine does not recognise the independence of the self-proclaimed republics of South Ossetia and Abkhazia [and] condemns the endeavours of the illegitimate and separatist affirmation of the statehood of any territories,” Yushchenko said.

With hardly a chance for re-election, the Ukrainian President seemed to have felt the need to play big to an international audience.

Right now Yushchenko is deeply unpopular at home. His support level is even lower than that of George Bush among Americans – about 4 per cent. Plus, the majority of Ukraine’s people are against a possible NATO bid.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian President knows that his country relies too much on Russia for him to be too pushy with negative rhetoric.

So not even once did he mention the word 'Russia' in his speech.

And while some may be seeing Ukraine and Georgia as a unit, Yushchenko has made it clear – “Ukraine is not Georgia” – he wants nothing to do with Saakashvili.

Palin broadens experience

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin – the woman McCain chose as his potential Vice President, has been circulating the UN, meeting with world leaders in attempts to 'broaden' her foreign policy experience.

And she made sure to meet the Presidents of Georgia and Ukraine – both eager NATO bidders.

What seems to be turning into a custom – reporters were not allowed to witness one of Palin’s first attempts to build foreign ties.