Ukraine moves towards forming new government

The results of September 30 parliamentary election have been announced with the Party of Regions winning the biggest number of votes taking 34 per cent. Altogether five parties will hold seats in the new parliament. The results mean politicians in Ukraine

The Russia-friendly Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich's party won the biggest share of votes.

However, the combined pro-Western parties of Yulia Timoshenko and President Viktor Yushchenko, the central figures in the Orange Revolution of 2004, hold a slim majority and have enough seats to form a governing coalition. They have won 220 seats in the Parliament, or the Rada. The remaining 230 may go to the Party of the Regions, the Communist Party, and Vladimir Litvin’s bloc.

According to the country's constitution, if neither side disputes the results of the election, they will be announced officially in five days time.

Meanwhile, Yulia Timoshenko is a leading candidate for the post of Prime Minister.