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‘David Cameron should start investigating himself’ – UK radio presenter

The arrest of the former editor of the UK News of the World and the newspaper’s former royal editor are just the tip of the iceberg, says British radio presenter Jon Gaunt.

­The two men were arrested in connection with a phone hacking scandal at the country's biggest-selling newspaper and also suspected of bribing police. And although Prime Minister David Cameron has promised an independent inquiry into practices at the newspaper, what is happening is extremely embarrassing for him.

“The former editor of the News of the World became his press secretary,” Gaunt told RT. “He had to resign when these hacking allegations first came out, and now we find out the News of the World was hacking into dead soldiers’ families’ phones. They actually deleted certain messages to keep on listening and getting new messages. This absolutely horrified the British public.”

Gaunt also said Rebekah Brooks, the new chief executive of News International, should resign despite being backed by Rupert Murdoch.

“She was the editor of the News of the World when the hacking happened; her excuse is that she was on holiday when they hacked into this missing girl’s telephone,” he said. “But if you are the editor of the biggest selling newspaper, you should always you’re your finger on the pulse.”

“Today the free press in the UK, which we were really proud of, has become a real danger,” added Gaunt.

Apart from the hacking scandal, there were allegations of corruption and bribery at the Metropolitan police.  

“They reckon there were bags full of up to 20,000 pounds being given over at fast-food restaurants to detectives who were giving information on certain horrific crimes,” explained Gaunt. “If there are policemen doing this, they should be fully investigated and if found guilty, sent to prison.”

The UK public heard the prime minister promise that “no stone will go unturned” in the investigation into the ethics of the British press. Gaunt, however, says the prime minister should start with himself.

“David Cameron should start investigating himself!” Gaunt declared. “Why employ a man who already had to resign over phone-hacking allegations? Instead Cameron took him into the heart of government, where he had access to top secret dossiers and information.”