Canadian UFO videos raise questions over authenticity

An Internet video of what some claim to be an unidentified flying object is creating a stir online. The footage shows a spiraling light coursing through the sky over western Canada. Some argue the videos are fake.

"The objected swooped down and then exploded. To the unaided eye the object vanished in a brilliant array of patterns but on camera the object was seen going through a "tunnel", pointed on the leading end as if zooming out of the atmosphere away from the planet," one of the witnesses, Nathan Varney, was quoted by website as saying.

According to the website, numerous photos and videos keep coming from the area. However, critics have branded the pictures a hoax, arguing the images are computer generated.

Some say the website which broke the story is simply trying to boost its popularity.

However, alien theorists have jumped to the defense of the video's creators arguing there are numerous witness statements from around the world describing similar incidents.

Last December, a spiral light appeared in the skies of Norway prompting talk of unearthly powers. At the time, that Spiral was explained as a misfired Russian missile launched from a submarine in the White Sea.