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Touch & Go: 24 hours in Moscow

British band Touch&Go make a swift trip to Moscow. The musicians spend 24 exciting hours in Russia's capital.

It's been a whistle-stop trip to the Russian capital for British acid jazz band.

They've got just twenty four hours in the Russian capital and they want to make the most of it.

Touch&Go perform quite often in Russia, so the trumpeter James Lynch has started to learn Russian to be able to communicate with his audience.

“We've been to many-many cities, 20 or 30 times now, we've been all over the country,” said James Lynch, trumpeter.

A visit to Moscow Fashion Week was especially exciting for the vocalist and the only woman in the band, Vanessa Lancaster. She especially likes Moscow's glamour.

“One thing I've always felt when visiting Russia is that women wear such fabulous footwear and even when there's snow they're wearing such high heels, and I never understand how they don't slip, it's amazing,” admired Vanessa Lancaster, vocalist.

Unfortunately Vanessa and her colleagues did not have much time to watch fashion shows. After having spent only about half an hour there, they hurried to a party where they're due to perform.

“A lot of our music is in the keys of Russian folk music, in the minor keys, and I think that's why we have a following here, that's why people like it,” James Lynch, trumpeter.

The British musicians say they enjoy traveling across Russia.

“The people are so great, and when you're able to travel and see the different ways everyone's living and the warmth that comes from everyone, it's a fantastic feeling,” Vanessa Lancaster said.