Top Swiss violinist charms Moscow

Swiss award-winning violinist Patricia Kopachinskaya has given a concert at the Moscow Conservatory. The highlight of the programme was Stravinsky's concert for violin.

Prominent Russian conductor Vladimir Fedoseev introduced the award-winning Swiss violinist to the Russian classical music lovers.

He invited Patricia Kopachinskaya to perform with The Big Symphonic Orchestra at the Moscow Conservatory, when she performed Stravinsky's concerto for violin.

Fedoseev and Kopachinskaya had already performed together last year in Vienna.

After performing in Moscow they will give another concert in the Russian city of Tver.

She was born in the Republic of Moldova but has spent the last 15 years in Switzerland. Both of her parents are musicians. She studied composition and violin in Vienna and Berne.

During her career Patricia has received many awards including the European “New Talent – SPP Award” and  the “International Credit Suisse Group Young Artist Award”. She has also appeared at many famous concert halls, such as the Lincoln Center in New York and the Royal Festival Hall in London.