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Togliatti bus bomber named

A 21-year-old, who died in the fatal bomb blast in Russia’s Samara region on Wednesday, has been named as the person responsible for the tragedy. Police believe Evgeny Vakhrushev was attached to the bomb when it exploded. Eight people died.

Police searched Vakhrushev’s home and discovered materials similar to those found at the blast site.

The bomb is thought to be similar to the one used in Moscow’s Cherkizovsky market blast in August last year, which killed more than 10.

His body was destroyed in a way which has led investigators to think he was at the centre of the blast and had explosives on him.

The motive behind the blast still remains unclear.

It's reported the suspect could have been heading to a market or university, which were on the route of the attacked bus.
Togliatti bids farewell

Meanwhile, the people of Togliatti expressed their grief and anger as the victims of the blast were buried.

Services were held at two universities in the town where the dead had studied.

After the funerals, local residents held a rally to commemorate those killed.

They blocked the road at the explosion site and placed flowers there.