Toddler survives five-floor plunge with only a bruise

A one-year-old baby from Southern Siberia who fell out of a fifth-floor window has quickly become a local legend.

The child from the South Siberian town of Novoaltaysk was playing in his room while his mother was preparing dinner.

“I was watching him the whole time,” Misha’s mother Lyudmila explained. “I could see almost all of his room from the kitchen.”

However, the woman had scarcely turned aside for a moment when the child climbed up and fell out of a fifth-floor window.

“A few moments later a frightened neighbor ran to me and said that my baby is outside and crying,” Lyudmila recalls. “I called for first aid and rushed to Misha.”

Fortunately, Misha was alive and unhurt. The boy’s life had been saved by a wire, which broke Misha’s fall and deflected him onto the lawn.

Doctors, who came a few moments later, just shook their heads, saying the boy was born under a lucky star.