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28 Mar, 2009 04:05

90 + 70 = Time to fall in love!

Love knows no boundaries, as a retired couple from a remote village in Southern Russia has proven. They met in the sunset of their lives, but it appeared to be just the beginning.

Polina Kovalenko – a retired milkmaid – thought she would die alone. She never married, and had no children.

But one day a car broke down outside her house. She asked the stranger inside if he needed help. And when he fixed the car, she got more than a thank you.

He said, she recalls, "Let's live together."

“I was like, "What, you are crazy?" I am 70 and you are 90. How can we marry?” she said.

However, a week later, she accepted. This was ten years ago.

They are polar opposites in temperament: Polina talks all the time, while Pavel maintains a laconic presence.

“We never argue. If I didn't enjoy our time together, I would have kicked her out years ago,” Pavel Kovalenko says.

Pavel is 98 and doesn't smoke or drink. But he says that there is no way he could have got to this age without Polina's companionship.

Yet, falling in love at this age was almost an act of bravery. Many villagers were shocked by the couple's late union, and some even questioned their motives.

Pavel's children used to tell her, "We don't need you, what do you want from him?"

“But I go where the heart tells me,” Polina said.

Now the happy couple keeps a small garden, a dog and a pet she-goat, Belochka, who is pregnant.

As RT was speaking with them, Belochka began to give birth. For the couple, this was the most important and worrying day of the year. They bought Belochka together and say she symbolises their relationship.

The goat gave birth to a healthy baby she-goat, offering proof that there is always a place for happy endings.