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The Media Mirror - Today's Russian press review

Tuesday's Russian papers focus on three main topics: A pro-Putin people’s movement looks into the near future, The State and the Church celebrate 90 years since the re-establishing of the post of Patriarch, and opinion polls in Georgia suggest the opposit

IZVESTA daily publishes a picture of an ancient Russian crown. A pro-Putin movement announced on Monday it knows what position Vladimir Putin is going to occupy after the Presidential election of 2008. The nation, says the movement’s spokesperson, will know right after the Duma election early in December.

ROSSIYSKAYA GAZETA reports on the 90th anniversary of the re-establishment of Patriarchy in the Russian Ortodox Church. Peter the Great abolished the post nearly 300 years ago: it was a threat to the absolute Monarchy. Ironically, 200 years later, the 1917 revolution prompted the Church to re-establish it – the Patriarch became a spiritual leader in the times of trouble.

Putin and the crown
Putin and the crown

“We highly appreciate the efforts of the Orthodox Church to bring back and establish in the life of Russian society the ideals and values which gave us spiritual guidance for Centuries”, President Putin is quoted by the daily.

KOMSOMOLSKAYA PRAVDA daily emphasizes the role of the country’s Orthodox Christians as voters, saying the President expressed his hope that they would be active in the coming Duma election. The paper also reports that the President has transferred to the Church one of the most important Christian relics in the World, part of the Cloth that Jesus Christ wore on the day of Crucifixion. Until Monday the relic was in the possession of the Museum of the Moscow Kremlin.

KOMMERSANT daily says Elena Gagarina, the daughter of the First Cosmonaut and director of the Museum, said dhe hoped the Cloth would be displayed at the Church of the Patriarch’s own parish, the Assumption Cathedral in the Kremlin where it was before. The Patriarch, says the paper, disappointed her by saying the relic is going to the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

NEZAVISIMAYA GAZETA daily says opinion polls in Georgia have the opposition on 16% and the incumbent President on 14%. However 30% are still unsure if they will vote, and for whom. So, the situation could change any minute. The official Presidential race starts on November 22.