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11 Aug, 2008 15:59

The Georgian war minute by minute - August 11

20:50 GMT Russian Defence Ministry says Russian peacekeepers have not entered the Georgian town of Poti.

20:16 GMT Russian Emergencies Ministry’s plane, carrying medicines and a mobile intensive care unit to Vladikavkaz, has taken off from Moscow.

20:02 GMT NATO has agreed to hold an emergency meeting of the Russia-NATO Council in Brussels on Monday, over the situation in South Ossetia.

19:48 GMT Russian troops have left the Georgian town of Senaki after taking actions to prevent Georgia from shelling South Ossetia and Russian peacekeepers, according to Russia’s Defence Ministry.

17:19 GMT Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili said on Monday that the Russian military has blocked a central highway linking east and west Georgia. Russia troops and tanks entered the main part of Georgia's territory earlier on Monday, as Russia continued its peace enforcement operation to prevent further Georgian incursions into breakaway South Ossetia.

16:25 GMT Georgian Foreign ministry informs that Russian peacekeeping forces have entered the country’s territory and took control of the Georgia’s largest airbase in the town of Senaki.

16:08 GMT NATO has agreed to hold an urgent session with Russia concerning the situation in South Ossetia on August 12.

15:25 Two companies from Chechnya's Zapad and Vostok special battalions have been sent to Georgia's breakaway republic of South Ossetia to help defend against Georgian forces, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Monday.

14:12 GMT – Russian peacekeepers and other troops Conduct 'preventative action' near the town of Senaki, inside Georgia,  a spokesman for the Russian Defence Ministry said on Monday.

13:25 GMT A Georgian Su-25 fighter plane is shot down near the South Ossetian capital Tskhinvali. According to the Russian military it was attacking its army positions.

12:36 GMT – More than 360 Russians say they are being prevented from leaving Georgia, a Russian Foreign Ministry official said on Monday.

11:43 GMT – Georgia has cut the supply of Russian gas to Armenia without warning, according to Armenian gas importers Armrosgazprom.

11:42 GMT – South Ossetia reports that Georgia has resumed shelling its territory.

11:24 GMT – Kiev doesn’t plan to provide military aid to Tbilisi – Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister.

10:48 GMT – Georgia’s preventing Russian citizens from leaving ‘totally illegal’ – Medvedev.|

10:44 GMT – Putin blames the U.S. for hampering Russian peace efforts in South Ossetia by airlifting Georgian troops from Iraq to Georgia.

10:38 GMT – Oil giant BP (British Petroleum) denies Georgian reports alleging Russian planes bombed the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline.

10:32 GMT – Russia will go on with its mission in South Ossetia until it reaches its logical conclusion – Putin.

10:11 GMT – Georgia to file a case against Russia to The Hague Tribunal – Georgian Foreign Minister.

10:29 GMT – Russian aid convoy stopped by gunfire 10km away from Tskhinvali – RIA Novosti.

09:53 GMT – Security officers arrest nine Georgian agents spying on Russian territory and preparing acts of terrorism – FSB head.

09:24 GMT – Russia is not testing new weapons systems in the operation in South Ossetia – Deputy Head of Russia’s General Staff.

09:26 GMT – Ceasefire signed by Saakashvili to be delivered to Moscow by French and Finnish FMs on Monday – Interfax.

09:18 GMT – Russian military denies bombing Tbilisi International Airport.

09:18 GMT – Russian military confirm foreigners fighting on Georgian side.

09:16 GMT – Russia has no plans to moblise reservists over conflict in South Ossetia – Russian military official.

09:16 GMT – Russia is using ‘disproportionate force’ against Georgia – NATO head.

13:10 GMT  – Russia loses two more planes in South Ossetian conflict zone – Russian military official.

09:09 GMT – 18 Russian soldiers have died in South Ossetia so far, 14 are missing in action – Russian military official.

08:55 GMT – Peace enforcement operation in South Ossetia ‘mostly complete’ – Medvedev.

08:53 GMT – U.S. flies 800 Georgian soldiers from Iraq to Tbilisi – Russian General Staff.

08:48 GMT – Moscow calls for a Russia-NATO council meeting to discuss the situation in South Ossetia – Russia’s envoy to NATO.

08:42 GMT – French and Finnish Foreign Ministers present a three-stage plan for peace in Tbilisi.

08:18 GMT – Road from Tskhinvali to Rokski tunnel, connecting South and North Ossetia, safe for travel – RIA Novosti news agency report.

08:18 GMT – British Foreign Secretary condemns Russia’s military actions in Georgia.

08:09 GMT – Sea links between Georgia and Russia cut – Sochi port deputy director.

08:04 GMT – United States must have given a 'green light' to Georgia's offensive in South Ossetia – former Sovier leader Mikhail Gorbachev.

07:56 GMT – The EU rather than the U.S. will take the lead in mediating the South Ossetian conflict – French FM.

07:47 GMT – Russian Ministry of Communications announces that postal services to and from Georgia have been cut.

07:37 GMT – Azerbaijan oil continues to flow through Georgian territory – Azeri state oil company’s vice-president.

07:18 GMT – Turkey denies closing its air space to a Ukrainian plane bound for Georgia.

07:12 GMT – Peacekeepers in Abkhazia demand that the Georgian troops  lay down their arms – Russian news agencies.

07:10 GMT – Transdniestria’s Deputy Defence Minister says their troops are on alert and ready to go to South Ossetia.

06:25 GMT – Turkey refuses to allow a Ukrainian plane carrying aid to Georgia to pass through its airspace – Ukrainian Foreign Minister.

06:13 GMT – Georgian Interior Ministry denies it has blocked Russian citizens from leaving the country.

06:02 GMT – Abkhazia offers a humanitarian corridor for Georgian troops and civilians to leave Kodori gorge – Abkhazian Defence Minister.

05:54 GMT – Shelling of peacekeepers continued during the night despite ceasefire –commander of peacekeepers.

05:07 GMT – 9,000 Russian troops and 350 armoured vehicles are in Abkhazia to help peacekeepers – peacekeeping force deputy commander.

04:54 GMT – Russian journalist confirms that Georgian soldiers killed wounded Russian peacekeepers.

03:33 GMT – Georgian troops continue shelling Tskhinvali – South Ossetian president.

02:16 GMT – Georgia’s Interior Ministry denies earlier report that military base has been bombed.

01:14 GMT – Georgia’s Interior Ministry reports that Russia has bombed a military base near Tbilisi.

Georgian war: minute-by-minute – August 10