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28 Jun, 2012 17:02

Tanks in ballet action staged by Bolshoi director (VIDEO)

Tanks can not only crush and destroy. Tanks can dance and waltz - as seen at the annual military technology show at the Zhukovsky test centre near Moscow. Also, Russia’s newest T-90AM tank has tried on a cloth camouflage to keep its secrets.

The “dancing tanks” show has been produced by Bolshoy Theater choreographer Andrey Melanyin. Nine armored vehicles, including four tanks and a huge self-propelled gun are rolling and saluting their cannons in a spectacular performance.The new advanced Russian T-90AM tank has stolen the show. It was first presented last year at Nizhniy Tagil military equipment show. This year the tank rolled around Zhukovsky draped in camouflage to disguise secret components in the armor of the vehicle. Though bearing a name of Russia’s main battle tank T-90, the T-90AM is actually a brand new vehicle that could be as well named T-2012. Besides a new engine, active armor, a modernized 125 mm tank gun and advanced defense systems, this vehicle has some unique features.T-90AM’s flat turret is a module staffed with all kinds of innovative technologies and sensors to reveal and destroy targets. The tank is equipped with active armor to protect the vehicle from all known types of anti-tank missiles and shells. Tank’s ammunition is isolated in a special module to prevent detonation inside the vehicle in case of it being hit. Reloading, as well as other mechanical processes in the vehicle are fully automated. The tank’s 125 mm gun boasts the longest service life among its rivals.The Mechanical Engineering Technology forum at Zhukovsky promises to repeat the success of annual MAKS air shows.