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5 Nov, 2012 17:11

Car bomb in Syria kills at least 50 soldiers – activists

At least 50 soldiers and pro-government militiamen have been killed in a massive suicide car bombing, in the central province of Hama in Syria, activists allege. Two separate attacks in Damascus reportedly killed several civilians, injuring many.

In Hama up to a ton of explosives was used in the blast that took place near a military checkpoint, RT`s Paula Slier reports.Reports suggest that an al-Qaeda inspired militant group is behind the blast.The attack targeted a rural development center in Sahl al-Ghab in Hama province, Syrian state media said.If figures provided by the activists prove to be true the attack would be one of the bloodiest inflicted on Assad's forces, so far, authorities  have only confirmed two deaths.A separate car bombing  in the Mazzeh district of Damascus killed several civilians and injured many more. Another attack in Damascus killed three children and one woman.Also on Sunday fierce clashes erupted between government troops and rebels, near a state security building in Damascus, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported.

Terrorist attacks are taking place on a daily basis in Syria, but the West just turns a blind eye to them, journalist and writer Neil Clark told RT.“These are terrorist attacks by any objective assessment, but of course they are not being condemned as such by the western powers,” he said, referencing a bombing outside of a nursery school a few weeks ago and the recent assassination of a Syrian actor who was a supporter of President Assad.The US and the west has got to change their approach, Clark said.“The western powers and their allies in the region Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey have blood on their hands, because there could have been a peaceful solution to the internal problems in Syria,” he explained, “Back in February there was a vote on the new constitution… there was a democratic peaceful way, but western powers did not want that.”“They want violent regime change in Syria,” he concluded.