Switzerland to sell condoms for children

Condoms for children aged 12 and 14 have been designed in Switzerland after a study showed that sexually active teenagers avoid using contraceptives due to unsuitable sizes.

The main difference with these condoms is their diameter – 45 mm, compared to standard condoms sizes ranging from 49 to 56 mm. The engineers believe the new design will prevent slipping of condoms during sexual intercourse.

The project was powered by the Swiss Aids Federation after the Federal Commission on Children and Youth’s research had shown the sharp growth in the number of sexually active children under 14, in comparison to the 1990s. The study also demonstrated that children have rather poor knowledge regarding means of contraception and prevention of HIV/AIDS.

The newly-produced condoms will be distributed through Swiss schools in a package with materials on AIDS. They will also be made available for sale, with a box of 6 condoms costing about $7.