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Spanish woman claims Sun as her property

Spanish woman claims Sun as her property
No more free sunlight. The Sun has been privatized and the owner, a 49-year-old Spanish woman, claims she has registered the star as her property at a notary.

­Angeles Duran, who lives in the Spanish region of Galicia, only announced the news to the online edition of El Mundo daily on Friday, AFP reports, although she took the step back in September. The idea crossed her mind after reading about an American man who had registered his ownership of the Moon and the Solar system.

Under international law no country may claim ownership of a planet or a star, but there are no legal obstacles for individuals – a fact Duran, who says she is “no stupid” and has good knowledge of law, is perfectly aware of.

Of course any other person could have claimed ownership. She realizes that in today’s society it is ideas that matter. No one had the idea before, or at least, did not push for it, so first come, first served.  And the serving she wants is tax revenue for using the Sun.

Does she intend to charge her fellow Spanish citizens a fee, or the global population? Well, Duran has no exact plan yet. The woman, though, is not as selfish as you may at first think. She intends to spend the money on pensions, research and ending world hunger – leaving just ten per cent of the cash for herself.