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27 Apr, 2012 14:43

US secret agents, White House staff in Moscow club known for sex, drugs and cop raids - report

More salacious news about the US Secret Service! Reports are emerging that White House staff visited Moscow's most notorious night-club, where sex acts and drug use were the norm, during a 2000 prep-trip ahead of a visit by Bill Clinton.

Secret service and White House advance staff went to the now closed Hungry Duck club on the eve of a June 2000 state visit by then President Bill Clinton, the Wall Street Journal reports.Pictures of the government workers showed up on the club’s website, two anonymous sources told the publication. It is unknown if any internal investigation into the incident ever took place.Neither the Secret Service nor a spokesman for former President Clinton would comment on the matter.Notorious for being denounced by the Russian parliament over 30 times, the Hungry Duck epitomized hedonistic debauchery in post-Soviet Russia.  With countless brawls, police raids, and publically performed sex acts, it would seem an unlikely destination for US civil servants.News of the visit follows allegations that 12 Secret Service officers and 12 military personnel cavorted with prostitutes in the Colombian city of Cartagena ahead of President Obama’s visit for the Summit of Americas.Another dozen agents reportedly got loaded at a San Salvador strip club and paid for sexual services in the run-up to a 2011 presidential visit to El Salvador.However, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Wednesday an investigation following the Colombian scandal suggested that the carousing was an “aberration”.Napolitano further said that in the last 2 and a half years, over 900 foreign and 13,000 domestic security trips covered by the Secret Service had gone without complaint.