Russian spies - London’s headache again

Britain considers Russia one of the major threats to its national security, writes The Times of London, which quotes an unnamed source in the British secret services. Russian intelligence services' activity is ranked the third most menacing after Al Qaeda

The British secret services are mostly concerned about the fact that the country is packed with Russian intelligence agents, writes The Times. Under these circumstances, London is forced to spend considerable sums to counter Russian espionage, both military and commercial.

The countries’ relations have recently seen many difficult periods – the closure of British Council offices in St Petersburg and Yekaterinburg, as well as a series of diplomatic rows between Moscow and London after the murder of former Russian security officer Aleksandr Litvinenko in November 2006.

This publication won’t, of course, help ease these tensions as it appeared just days ahead of Dmitry Medvedev and Gordon Brown’s first official meeting as leaders.