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14 Mar, 2008 19:01

Russian paedophile’s jail time may increase

A Russian, who’s been sentenced to 13 years prison for raping a 14-year-old girl in Cambodia, could eventually spend more time in jail if he’s found guilty of several other crimes. 41-year-old Aleksandr Trofimov was arrested last year on charges of abusin

He denies all the charges and his lawyer says he plans to appeal against his sentence.

The court found 41-year-old Trofimov raped the girl four times, and gave her $US 100 before releasing her.

A local pimp who introduced the girl to the Russian businessman has been sentenced to eleven years in prison.

In addition, the judge ordered the Russian businessman and the Cambodian man to pay the girl US$ 100,000 in compensation.

The evidence for other cases is being gathered and soon they will be brought to trial, which means Trofimov’s prison sentence may increase. The youngest of Aleksandr Trofimov's alleged victims is 11-years-old.

Trofimov has been living in Cambodia for the last three years. He is reportedly a CEO of the company building tourist resorts across the country.  

Child sexual abuse has become an issue in Cambodia as the local authorities, with the help of international organisations, try to stop it.

Trofimov is not the first foreigner arrested for this kind of crime. Not long a go a German man was detained for child sexual abuse.