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RuPad: Russia to produce its own tablet computer

RuPad: Russia to produce its own tablet computer
Russians will soon be able to buy domestically-manufactured tablet computers. The gadget will be equipped with its own Android-esque operating system, which, unlike its American counterpart, will not be sending private data to Google.

­A prototype of the device was unveiled at the National Research Nuclear University in Moscow.

The operating system has all the functional capabilities of the Android OS, but does not contain the covert functions of sending private user data to Google headquarters,” Andrey Starikovsky, the general director of the university-based company behind the tablet, told Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

While Google will not be available to users of the computer, dubbed RoMOS (Russian Mobile Operating System), due to security issues, an online store where users can buy safe applications for the device is in the works. The tablet will also be able to encrypt data and help users find their way around using navigation systems like GPS and its Russian alternative, GLONASS.

While the device will be sold to Russian Defense Ministry employees at first, it will later be available to civilians. The first basic 10-inch screen models to hit the open market are expected to cost 15,000 rubles (about $460).