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Russian President: Let all our dreams come true. Happy New Year 2011!

At five minutes before 12 o’clock the Russian President delivers the Annual Presidential New Year address. All TV channels broadcast Dmitry Medvedev’s speech on-air.

It is also shown on huge screens at the main Moscow’s square, where thousands gather to mark the New Year.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev sums up the last 12 months and wishes the country a happy New Year.

"Citizens of Russia, Friends, very soon, as the Kremlin tower chimes strike twelve, 2010 will pass into history, and with it the first decade of the 21st century. As we see the old year out, we remember its joyful and sad moments, and hope that next year will be good and successful for all of us and for our country. We will build a modern Russia together, a strong, open and friendly country.

We have a rich and ancient history, and we are rightly proud of it. At the same time Russia is a young country: in the coming year it will be only twenty years old. That is no great age for a country, but the children born in the new Russia have already grown up. The way we live in the second decade of this century will depend on them, too.

Everything we do, we do for our children, to make sure that they are healthy and successful, and the country they live in is safe, prosperous and happy, a country that respects its elders, cherishes its multiethnic traditions, and is committed to achieving new goals. I am confident that is our future.

Dear friends, the New Year’s holiday has its own unique atmosphere. This holiday is filled with a special warmth and sincerity. The New Year will begin in just a few moments. Let us congratulate each other and wish each other love and happiness in the coming year. Let all our dreams come true.

Happy New Year 2011!"