Red Square parade marks WWII courage

Russia has been marking the anniversary of the 1941 military parade that took place in Moscow while World War II was raging. After the parade soldiers were sent directly to the frontline.

To mark the courage of all those who fought in World War II, servicemen from the Moscow Military District have been marching through Red Square dressed in 1941 uniforms.

Also taking part were members of youth organisations and costumed horsemen.

Overall the parade involved more than 3,500 people and was watched by at least 6,000 spectators, including 55 veterans of the original event.

Back in 1941 the decision to hold the parade came as a surprise, as German troops were positioned just 30 killometers from the Russian capital.

November 7 was chosen to frustrate Hitler and demoralize his troops as he had earlier promised to hold a Nazi show of force on the red square on the very same date.