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13 Sep, 2007 20:46

Red Square lit up by spectacular show

Russia's first ever International Military Tattoo, ‘Kremlin Zorya", has opened with a spectacular show on Moscow’s Red Square. The four-day festival brings together 47 military bands from some of the world's most famous regiments.

Around 8,000 spectators flocked to the opening event, packing the stands on a wet night in the capital.  And those who came were treated to a memorable show, featuring a spectacular light show and a specially made sound system.  

Flag bearers from Italy’s Tuscany region, brass bands from mainland Europe and pipers from Britain and the Commonwealth entertained the crowds.  Russians led the parade, with the President’s Regiment, the Kremlin Guards, and the Central Ministry of Defence Orchestra.

Andrey Nasonovsky, producer of the festival told Russia Today that the organisers “want to implement certain innovations in this event involving sound, light, projection and LED systems. That's why, for instance, we invited the very famous sound designer John De Nero from London, who is very experienced.  He has designed and created sound systems for Pink Floyd and Andrew Lloyd Webber shows. He came with his team and created a special sound design system especially for this venue. It's very good.”

Mr Nasonovsky pointed out some of the unique features of the Moscow show.“Now we have more than 800 light systems around the square, bright and powerful, more than 100 sound design systems and other special effects. Nobody has done anything like this before,” he said.

Inspired by Edinburgh's Military Tattoo, the festival is being billed as the city's biggest ever musical spectacle. 36 thousand visitors a day are expected at daily shows.  

Veterans of other tattoos say they're delighted to be taking part.  Lance Corporal Grey from Edinburgh said “It’s been a very good experience for me. It's really enjoyable and I intend to enjoy the rest of the time I spend here”.

For the hosts, the event shows Russia building bridges with other nations.  Kremlin Guard Nikita Ivanov summed up the feelings of many: “This festival has brought the participating countries closer together. We're forging ties.  Russia made the right decision to hold this festival here”.

The four-day event will see military bands performing not only in Red Square, but on stages in different parts of the capital.

Almost half of the bands taking part are homegrown, and their job is to showcase the Russian military here and abroad.

The Russian hosts hope it will become a fixture on the calendar for years to come.