Putin’s pencil on sale on eBay

A pencil which was allegedly used by Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is up for sale on online auction site eBay.

“I am a journalist. Recently Vladimir Putin visited city Tula and I attended his press conference. When it was over, I went to the table where he sat and picked up the pencil he used to make notes. The pencil looks like new. It just might need a little sharpening,” is written in the description under the lot.

The vendor decided not to sharpen the pencil so that the buyer would get it in the same condition as it was in the hand of Vladimir Putin.

The bidding on the lot has reached $1025 in just four days, even though there is nothing special about the item itself – it is just an ordinary graphite pencil.

There are around 125 items connected to the Russian Prime Minister that are on auction on eBay.

Most of them are books on modern Russia, but there are also t-shirts, matryoshka dolls, pocket watches, and even a handmade Vladimir Putin puppet.