Putin says prevention key element of transport security

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said that law enforcement must step up security after a terrorist attack on a Moscow-St. Petersburg train killed 27.

Putin met with First Vice Premier Victor Zubkov on Monday to discuss how the government was handling the aftermath of the deadly train crash in central Russia.

At the meeting the Prime Minister said that he saw the derailing as a terrorist attack and was reminded of a similar incident that took place in South Russia’s republic of Dagestan on Monday.

“We know a similar terrorist attack was attempted in Dagestan,” Putin said. “There is only one way to provide security for the entire infrastructure: preventative measures. This is the task of police and security services. But we still have to always think about people’s suffering and react accordingly.”

After the meeting, Zubkov said that the relatives of those who died in the Nevsky Express derailing will receive 1,100,000 rubles (about $27000) for each family from the government, local authorities and Russian railway monopoly RZhD.