“It’s definitely forces willing to destabilize the political situation”

Deputy Editor of Russian newspaper “Zavtra” Aleksandr Nagorny claims that the forces behind the Nevsky Express train explosion on Friday first of all aim to challenge Russian government.

At least 26 people are reported dead, 95 more injured after an express train travelling from Moscow to St. Petersburg derailed

“Not much data is clear, but many people will say it is Muslim extremists who are interested in destabilizing the situation in both the Caucasus and Russia proper,” Nagorny told RT.

“But I would say if it was so then the Muslim extremists would declare it in some way, in some letter or some statement, because they are interested in creating some kind of national tension between Muslim and non-Muslim parts of the Russian population. That is why I think there are different forces, but the forces which are interested in destabilizing the political situation in Russia, and first and foremost in ousting Prime Minister Putin and the so-called ‘siloviki’ from the political paradigm of present Russia.”