Protesters picket U.S. embassy in Moscow

An estimated 15,000 people have protested outside the U.S. embassy in Moscow against American policy in the Middle East. Sunday night's demonstration was organised by the Nashi youth movement.

Traffic was brought to a virtual standstill as campaigners used Halloween imagery to highlight what they call the 'evil that U.S. policies have brought'.

Demonstrators stuck U.S. flags into pumpkins which carried the names of people they say died as a result of U.S. policies in the region.

The jack-o-lanterns were used to highlight America's celebration of Halloween at a time when organisers say many around the world suffer as a result of Washington's foreign policy.

The protesters urged people to question U.S. priorities in keeping thousands of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and spending $US 5 billion on an election during a global financial crisis.

Nashi, meaning ‘ours’, is a government-sponsored youth movement, founded in Russia in 2005.