Prince of opera smiles at king of pop

Prince of opera smiles at king of pop
One used to drift along the stage in Mephistopheles’ suit, the other moonwalked around with a single diamond-clad glove on his hand, but now Feodor Chaliapin and Michael Jackson have met in a Moscow street.

To be exact, both world-famous singers are now commemorated in the same place.

After news of the king of pop’s death arrived, his numerous Russian fans gathered to make impromptu displays in honor of Jackson. The one in Moscow was initially placed near the US Consulate, but was later moved a few dozen meters to a small square.

The place, however, is already occupied by a monument to the Russian opera singer, whose museum is located just down the road.

Now the bronze figure there appears as though he is looking favorably at dozens of Jackson photos, flowers, notes and balloons.