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10 May, 2012 22:45

Reign over Scotland: Prince Charles tries shift as weatherman

TV viewers in Britain were startled at the sight of a new weather presenter – Prince Charles. Turns out the Prince of Wales decided to try his hand at reading the weather forecast on BBC Scotland.

The Prince, who is known as the Duke of Rothesay in Scotland, appeared on the lunchtime news show Reporting Scotland. Dressed in a smart suit and standing against the backdrop of the weather map, Prince Charles delivered an almost word-perfect reading of the forecast script from his autocue. The British royal heir then went on to give the forecast for specific locations in Scotland. And he did not relinquish his wit when he heard himself talk about the weather at familiar royal residences. “There will be the potential for a few flurries over Balmoral,” said the Prince and started giggling, as Balmoral is a royal residency:  “Who the hell wrote this script?!”Overall, the forecast was quite unlike the cheery atmosphere in the studio.“A cold day everywhere with temperatures of eight Celsius and a brisk north easterly wind,” Charles summarized exclaiming “Thank God it isn’t a bank holiday!”Charles’ wife, Camilla, also decided to give it a go, although it was clear that her husband stole the show, as his expressive hand gesturing made him look like a trained weatherman. In fact, he was congratulated by BBC Scotland’s regular weatherman Nick Miller. “That’s proof that even the royals can’t give us dry weather, because he's absolutely right,” noted Miller. The royal couple visited the BBC Scotland studios in Glasgow as part of their annual Holyrood week and to celebrate the sixty-year anniversary of the channel.